Ex-Load – Your Best Cloud Storage Solution

Whether you are running your own design business, or you are a freelancer or you are a manager of an international company that deals with huge amounts of files, it is increasingly important that you have some form of cloud storage in place.

While you definitely know how important it is to have some form of cloud storage in place for the security of your data and files, it is also most likely that you know how difficult it can be to find a great cloud storage solution, especially now that there are numerous services to choose from. Ex-Load is that cloud storage solution that suits all the needs of clients regardless of how huge or ridiculous those needs could be.

All your cloud storage needs

Ex Load is one of the best cloud storage solutions available right now. Ex-load.com provides a straightforward way to effortlessly stash all your files online, irrespective of how large your files are or how many files you have. Accessing these files is also extremely easy. You can actually access the files you have stored at Ex load wherever you are and at any time of day or night. It also provides clients with a foolproof platform for securely sending files to clients.

Best cloud storage solution overall

Right now, Ex-Load is the best cloud storage solution overall. If your main priority is to have a backup system in place right now, then ex-load.com is no doubt a strong contender.

It will continuously sync your all your files, including those that are on network drive to ensure they are available and secure whenever you need them. And if you are business plans or personal plans, it provides a possibly life-saving free backup service. This means that if you lose all your local files for whatever reason, you will be sent an actual hard drive that contains every file and information that has been backed up.

Additionally, you will also be pleased to know that in the event that you delete your files accidentally, that file won’t be deleted automatically from the ex-load.com server. It will also retain more than 30 previous versions of all the files that are backed up.

Another cool feature is the option to share your files with other people on by email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Ex Load premium account makes it an excellent option

With Ex load premium account, there is no apparent limit to the sizes of files you can upload on the server. This makes it an excellent option for sharing and sending large media files. When you subscribe to premium account, you can also add Ex-Load crypto to your service, thereby enabling you to effectively password-protect all your files.

Whether you are a Windows user, Android user, iOS user, or Linux user, ex-load.com offers you an easy way to get unrestricted cloud storage. With this service, you are no longer limited to a particular operating system. Whether you are an Apple devotee, Windows 10  User, or whatever system you prefer using, ex-load.com doesn’t limit you in any way.

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