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Ex Load is an all-round cloud storage solution that offers all kinds of cloud storage services. If you are looking for an online storage solution for your company, organization, small office, or institution, then look no further than ex-load. They have you covered from storage of very large file sizes to securing data that you consider sensitive and important and would not want to lose or to get into the hands of intruders.  

Ex load focus

Ex load has been able to maintain its high status as the go-to cloud storage service provider for many years because of what it focuses on. So, what exactly do they focus on? Well, let’s check them out!

  1. Reliability

Ex-Load knows one thing – that if IT services of a business goes down, then the losses and damage can be massive and have lasting impacts on revenues. But what can cause such happenings? In most cases, power is usually the main cause. When there is power outage, businesses are likely to experience delayed quotes, unshared documents, and even miss the calls and emails from their clients. Ex load has maintained its focus on ensuring that there are no any power outages on their side. Actually, with ex-load, cloud outage is an unknown animal. And this is one thing that has made them the best service always.

  • Customer support

This is another area where ex-load.com focuses on. Ex-Load has its focus on ensuring that its clients get the support they need whenever they need it to their satisfaction without any delay. They make it very easy for their customers to reach them in real time via calls or IM. They have invested their resources into providing 24/7 real time support to their customers.  

  • Transparency

Mistrust between online storage service providers and their customers often rise from mistrust and hidden costs, hidden charges, and so on. This is one thing that ex-load.com has managed to avoid because they provide their customers with every information they need concerning their terms and conditions, charges, and contracts. When you become our client, we will make it clear to you what you should pay and for what reason. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

  • Great security

No one wants to save their data and files where security for those files and data is not guaranteed. Ex-load.com has multiple-factor authentication built and integrated with their services. Before any file is stored or downloaded, there must be full encryption. Their focus is to consistently ensure there are necessary and appropriate safeguards in place. They have centralized security policies that are followed strictly to manage local and remote devices.

Great storage and integration

Ex Load creates small but powerful building blocks of storage, computing, and networking that are potent and also integrated tightly. Their compatibility means that they can be highly scalable and rapidly aggregated.

This makes the very ideal for the hyperscale and cloud environments. Generally, their power, penchant for aggregation, and granularity mean that they can be adopted easily to suit all the needs of every organization even in different vertical market sectors.

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