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Not all the cloud platforms offer all-round cloud storage services. And even among the ones that purport to provide all-round cloud storage services, there are some that are better than others. Ex-Load is an example of an online storage solution offering all-round cloud storage services for long now. While they offer a range of free cloud storage benefits, they also have a premium account which has various highlights that clients can find very supportive.

They also offer the most free storage. Besides, they also focus on collaborative features for the remote workforces that usually need robust file sharing. is also the go-to cloud service for storing as well as sharing files. Also, it is the best cloud storage solution for videos, photos, and music. In other words, is an all-round online cloud storage solution you can trust to meet all your cloud storage needs.

Store any kind of data at Ex-Load

Whether its video files, audio files, music, documents, photos, receipts, and so on, you can store all and much more at

Video and audio files can be played directly within the file manager. There is a downloadable add-on Box Edit that allows you to open your saved files and edit them and then save them back again. Up to more than 100 versions of documents are usually saved. This means that there is no chance of you losing any of your documents even if there has been a file disaster. In fact, if there has been any file disaster, you will simply revert back to your older versions of documents easily and happily.

Ex-load is supported across multiple platforms. You can access your data with web apps, Android, iOS, Windows and so on.

Access across multiple devices Yes, with iOS, Android and web apps

Share files

Ex-Load lets you share files via email with anyone you want at any time. There is also a sharable link through which you can share your files with another person or other people. They also allow you to invite collaborators to the shared “workspaces” in which they are required to have an invitation and a link for them to be able to view the files. This is an excellent feature for companies with employees distributed in various physical locations.

The file manager view offers great organization features. Some of the features include view files by name, date created, file size, in a list or icons, and rename, lock or move documents, including another dedicated link for uploading a new version which might have been created offline.

Ex load premium account

For ex load premium account, integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 so that remote collaborators can work on files. Ex load premium accounts get finer and more control over who can edit and view which files.

With a premium account also comes with ease of sharing. You can share files with password-protected. Also, you can share your files with expiration-dated links. The desktop app allows you to pick a folder and sync automatically.

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